Snow Scare & Water in the Weather 23-24

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This book contains the fiction title Snow Scare and the non-fiction title Water in the Weather. Snow Scare, a family trip into the mountains becomes dangerous when the weather changes unexpectedly. Features of Snow Scare – Fictional first-person recount – Orientation, problem, climax, resolution – Descriptive language – Focus on the problem-solving process and safety – Direct speech Purpose Snow Scare can be used for the following purposes: – introducing the ideas and vocabulary in the associated non-fiction title – making personal connections with the text – exploring how the use of language can deepen meaning – sequencing the main events – exploring the factual information in a fiction text – making predictions

Water in the Weather, Water is in the weather in many ways. Snow rain and frost all look and feel very different from one another – but they are all water which is a concept this book explores. Features of Water in the Weather – Explanation – Headings and sub-headings – Labelled diagrams – Scales for measurement – Information in photographs, diagrams, and fact boxes – Glossary

Themes covered in this book are: Weather, Safety, Earth science, Science and Technology

Reading Level:23-24 (Silver)

AuthorJanice Marriott/Pat Quinn

SeriesSkyrider Double Takes

Year Level3


Guided Reading Level23

GenreGeneral Narrative | Report

Theme/TopicEarth Science | Safety | Science and Technology | Weather

Strategy/SkillsAsking questions | features of non-fiction | Information skills | Main ideas | Making connections | Making predictions | Sequencing

Page Count32